Zygor Guides: WoW Levelling Guide Review

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Levelling characters is a big part of playing world of warcraft, whether it’s your main, or if your an alt’oholic, your going to have to level from 1-85. There’s a few ways this can be done, either through dungeons, questing, battlegrounds or a mix of both. While there are a number of free add’ons that can help guide you through the quest chains, you can’t overlook a paid levelling guide like Zygor. I bought the Zygor questing, and dailies guides for the Alliance and have to say I really love the integration into the game. Here’s my review.

The Zygor levelling guide for World of Warcraft is a guide provided through an in-game window that provides players with directions as to how to level up their characters as quickly as possible. There are many guides of this nature available, their basic appeal being that they eliminate the need to alt-tab out of the game in order to look up advice on which quest to take next. What makes the Zygor levelling guide different from the rest?

Slick, Economical Interface: The Zygor levelling guide interface is extremely well designed. The latest version of the guide has further reduced the size of the in-game guide window. Not only does it now take up an even smaller portion of the screen, it’s also faster and less taxing on your system resources, making it a good choice even for users who are running WoW on a laptop. You also have the option of switching between a single-step guide design, and a more detailed window. Also, the Zygor guide has a built in waypoint arrow function, providing an on screen arrow that points you precisely in the direction you need to go to get to the next step. Other guides don’t include this feature, which means if you want this type of tool, you’ll need to get a separate add-on for that purpose, which is less efficient and more CPU intensive. There is also a great feature that auto accepts and turn’s in quests to make levelling even faster and the guide gives you a description of what you need to do even though you haven’t read the quest details.

Adaptability: The Zygor levelling guide includes a “Smart Injection System” feature which reacts intelligently to your character’s progress, equipment, and other factors in order to ensure that the guide performs as efficiently as possible at all times. Most other WoW levelling guides fail to account adequately for the possibility that you may accumulate extra experience from mob kills and other sources, with the end result being that the guide actually slows you down rather than giving you the quickest possible levelling path. The Zygor guide’s Smart Injection System makes it the only major levelling guide that remains effective for players who use things like Heirloom equipment, the Recruit-A-Friend system, and instancing.

Loremaster: While many guide makers offer separate Loremaster achievement guides, the Zygor levelling guide includes a Loremaster guide. This means that, with the Zygor levelling guide, players can not only level as quickly and efficiently as possible, but also take the necessary steps toward getting one of the game’s most sought after achievements along the way.

The Zygor levelling guide doesn’t have any major problems, but one area that could be improved upon further is the built in talent tree advisor. The guide provides advice on where to spend talent points for every spec in the game, but depending on what the player is after, they might not want to spend their talent points in the way that the Zygor guide suggests but there are options to have this as a guide rather than automatic. Additional talent tree options for PvP characters and so on would be a good addition to the product.

Zygor has recently added the addition of the Firelands dailies which work reasonably well but can be a little confusing at times so I’m sure they’ll be working on improving this over time.  I’ve been using the guide for about a month now and while the guide isn’t perfect in all areas, it’s pretty damn good overall.

The Zygor levelling guide is the best overall levelling guide available for World of Warcraft. Recent changes to the guide have made it even more useful and efficient, providing the quickest and least painless path to the endgame. The Zygor levelling guide should prove useful to just about anyone, whether they’re new to WoW, or veteran players looking to quickly level a new character.

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