WOW Gaming Mouse – Which one?

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Once you’ve been playing cheap nfl jerseys wow for a while and had your arse kicked by more advanced players, you’ll soon want to find out how to improve your game and be a better player. Probably a good place to start is choosing a mouse that has more than your left and right click buttons and also a mouse that allows you to map keys to your actions on your action bars.

I’m playing WOW on a Mac which means you can be a little disadvantaged when buying gaming accessories because many of them aren’t fully Mac compatible. When I say Mac compatible, I don’t mean they won’t work, but you won’t get the full features that are available if you are playing on a PC because of the software that comes with the devices. Even the World of Warcraft Steel Series Cataclysm keyboard isn’t fully compatible with a Mac so that tells Play you something, however many gaming accessory makers are starting to make more compatible devices for the Mac which I think is great.
Cataclysm Mouse

So I’m going to upgrade my mouse which raises the question, which one do I buy? I originally started playing with the Magic mouse you get with your Mac but that mouse just doesn’t work very well when playing wow, so I dug up an old Microsoft intelli-mouse and have been using that ever cheap jerseys since I started playing. World! While the intelli-mouse if functional, it’s still not good enough Nytt if you want to take your gaming to the next level.

After watching many review, looking at whats available and whats scholar really popular within the MMO community, I decided on either the Steel Series Cataclysm Mouse or the Razer Naga Molten Edition.

Alot of people hate wholesale mlb jerseys the Cataclysm mouse because they think only noobs, buy them and that they look dumb but I don’t give a shit about that. I just want a good mouse that works and will to help improve my game. They both have fancy illumination if your into that, again for me nothing I really care about. While I think both mice would be good, when it comes time to put my money down and pay for one, I’m more inclined to choose the Razer Naga over the Steel Series Cataclysm mouse. The SS Cataclysm mouse is huge from all the reviews I’ve seen and that kinda makes me not want it. I want a mouse I can use after I finish playing WOW as well. The Naga is also cheaper and is a very well cheap jerseys respected mouse in the WOW community and is the size you’d expect from a mouse.

So I’m giving the Naga my thumbs up and I’ll do 10e a review as soon as I’ve ordered it and given it a test run.

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