Will You Be Playing Rift

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Rift is a new MMO that has recently come on the scene boasting realistic graphics, and wow like gameplay with it own twist. I jumped on the last beta and managed to get Rift working inside of Parallels on my iMac however it wasn’t the best way to play the game. Based on what I experienced the game seemed pretty interesting and a nice alternative to playing World of Warcraft.

So today I’ve signed up for the collectors digital edition and a 6 month subscription. Six months is enough time for anyone to decide if Rift is worth continuing and if you get in now you can lock in the low pricing per month of just $10.

So since Rift is PC only, I’ve got my hands on a Window 7 machine which I’ll now be using to play my games. Unfortunately many MMO games aren’t available for Mac so my regular gaming machine is now going to be a PC.

So are you going to play Rift. Will you quick WOW for Rift? I’m playing on continuing on with Wow but want to give Rift a real go while everybody is still new at it.

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