Starting PVP in World of Warcraft

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If you’ve been playing World of Warcraft for a little while you’ll no doubt have tried your hand at PVP (Player vs Player). I have tried it on and off for a little while but was getting owned almost all the time because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing or even supposed to do and also a lack of any decent gear.

I’ve spent months reading about PVP, watching videos about PVP and playing more unrated battlegrounds to try to work out how to get good at it. Well I can tell you I found it pretty tough and frustrating because I died alot, a real lot.

Well I’m finally ready to take PVP by the horns and do some of my own ass kicking instead of getting owned every time. I’ve started a Tauren Paladin who is going to be 100% PVP only. I’m not going to do any PVE content other than questing between battlegrounds just for the XP. I chose the Paladin class because of I like the Pally and the fact they can self heal, and the Tauren race because well I’ve never played a Tauren before and they seem popular in PVP. I originally took the Retribution talent tree but didn’t like it because I at least at low levels I didn’t have any real way to bridge the distant between me and caster classes and hunters etc other than running at them in which most cases I’d die before I got there, so I switch to the Protection spec which gave me Avengers Shield which allow me to attack from a distance while running in to do some melee damage.

Getting started in PVP is going to be alot easier if you have at least one level 85 character that can earn justice points to buy heirloom gear. I don’t have any heirloom gear yet so I’ve found it pretty tough in lower levels. Heirloom gear will get you armor that I couldn’t get anywhere like shoulder armor, trinkets and others. If you have an 85 level toon, starting doing random dungeons and earning justice points until you can get heirloom gear from the vendor in Dalaran.

Now if you can’t get heirloom gear then go to the auction house and buy the best gear you can afford for your class. Get as much gear as you can afford and fill as many armor slots as you can. The better the gear you buy, the easier your going to find it in the battle grounds. I didn’t buy any flasks but these might help you as well if you can afford them. Now go into random battlegrounds and get as many honor points as you can. You are going to die alot but just keep going out there and farming honor no matter how many times you get owned because those honor points are going to buy your way out of being owned so much.

When you have some honor points, you can start spending them. Horde players can go to the entrance to Warsong Gulch which is at the Mor’shan Base Camp where you can find a list of available low level PVP items, cost and level requirements. This is going to make you harder to kill and slowly start improving your PVP survivability.

That’s where I’m at right now with my Protection Paladin. I’ll post more details as soon as I level and get better gear. Want a video about this? Post a comment letting me know that you want to know about starting in PVP.

11/04/11 Update: Got my first BOA gear yesterday, where I decided to go with the Polished Breastplate of Valor. I played a couple of battlegrounds with it on and while I still was killed a few times mostly by groups of players all smashing me at once, it did seem better at taking lots more damage with the added armor boost. What’s nice about BOA gear is that it scales up as you level and you get a 10% xp boost so I can spend more of my gold upgrading other gear as I level up instead.

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