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Hey everyone, I thought I’d write a quick update on what’s been happening since I haven’t posted in a month. I’ve been playing lot’s of World of Warcraft so I can learn more and hopefully share some of the things I’ve learnt with other WOW players.

So recently I switched my primary gaming machine away from my Mac and started using Windows 7. Why? Well the reality is Windows is a better platform for gaming than the Mac because you can just open your case and update anything you want without having to buy a completely new machine every time.  I was given this PC by a family member so I just added a wifi card, upgraded the ram to 4Gb, added a second 1Tb hard drive and a new 24″ E2420HD Benq monitor.

So now I’m working out all the software I need to record more videos on PC as well which has been a big pain in the ass but I’ll eventually get it all working. Recording videos on my Mac was far easier which I still prefer.

I have four mid level dungeon videos coming using my Ret Pally that I’m leveling up for end game content. I’ll be posting the videos soon as well as my thoughts on my new headset, the Razer Megalodon, and a review on the lvl86 professional macro and keybinds kit for World of Warcraft.

One thought on “Update on What’s Been Happening

  1. I’ve been a WoW player for 4 years. I was adicdted for the first 2. Before that I was adicdted for 1 year to my first MMORPG (Dransik) but the feeling WoW gave me surpassed even that. I wasn’t an extreme case like the people who don’t bathe because they play too much but it was pretty bad. I attended college 9 hours per week. The rest was spent playing WoW.I played WoW to escape reality. It’s just like why some people use drugs. Video game addiction is like a drug addiction except it’s mental instead of chemical (although I believe that you can say it’s chemical because chemicals are released inside us that make us feel good while we play, like our internal rewards system). It is a case of mind over matter. I do not play anywhere near as much as I used to and I never will play that much again. I finally learned how to play it casually . I do get cravings when I haven’t played in awhile and sometimes I buy game time just because I want to be able to log into my characters, even if I don’t intend to play them much. So in some ways I am still slightly adicdted but at least I don’t spend 16 hours per day on the game anymore. I average 4 hours per day even during the most severe withdrawals .I do worry that a new MMORPG will come out and hook me again but hopefully I will be able to limit myself next time around, knowing what I know now.

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