Carenado Piper Archer PA28 – CBR2 – CZNL Short Flight

Today I take a look at the Carenado Piper Archer as a viewer requested it and I thought I’d dust her off and take her for a short flight from CBR2 to CZNL.

CZNL Nelson – Norman Stibbs Airfield 1.2 (X-Plane 10)

CZNL Nelson – Norman Stibbs Airfield 1.4 – (X-Plane 9)

CBR2 KASLO British Columbia, Canada V 1.1

My First PMDG Aircraft – Boeing 737NGX

Yesterday I bought my first PMDG product the Boeing 737NGX. I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted the Prepar3d version or the FSX version but in the end went with P3D because it has a development roadmap and FSX doesn’t. Today I’m spending a bit of time doing the starting tutorials and there’s a lot of nice detail within the documentation that explains what things do which is awesome.

pmdg737_p3dpmdg737_p3d_2Initially I seemed to have very poor frame rates but after some tweaking of the settings it around an acceptable 25+ frames after I set the frame rates to unlimited in the settings. It really is a nicely developed aircraft and I can see why the FSX community loves PMDG but I have to admit, I wish I had this aircraft in X-Plane instead of P3D.


DHC-6 Twin Otter Flying GCXO – GCHI in X-Plane 10

In this episode I look at the DHC-6 Twin Otter by RWDesigns for X-Plane 10. We take the tutorial flight that comes with the documentation starting at GCXO Tenerife North and enjoy the ocean and island views before landing at GCHI. El Hierro Airport.


RWDesigns DHC-6 Twin Otter – Shark 1.0 – Kranky65

GCHI – El Hierro airport 1.0

GCGM – La Gomera airport 1.5

GCXO Tenerife North Airport Spain

New Sounds for RW Design’s DHC-6 1.0