Dugi Ultimate Guide: WoW Levelling Guide Review

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Dugi Ultimate Guide is one of the best known in-game levelling guides for World of Warcraft. The purpose of the guide is to provide players with directions in real time as to which quests to take and how to complete them in order to get their characters to level 85 as quickly and safely as possible.

Everything You Need: Dugi Ultimate Guide is one of the most comprehensive WoW levelling guides on the market. The developers of the guide have done a good job of accounting for all possible variables affecting character progression in WoW, and as a result the guide is highly effective for all players and characters. Dugi Ultimate Guide actually integrates with the standard WoW quest tracking feature, which allows it to do things that some of the other guides don’t do, like guiding you to objectives for multiple quests at once in order to really speed up and economize the levelling process.

Character Syncing: The way that Dugi Ultimate Guide is designed allows it to provide near perfect syncing for every character. What this means is that you can start using the guide at any time with any character, and the guide will provide you with the quickest route to level 85 for that character. The guide takes into account which quests you’ve already done, as well as things like your equipment. While some guides are really only effective for starting characters with standard equipment, Dugi Ultimate Guide works for all possible characters, at any stage of progression.

Ease of Use: Compared to other in-game levelling guides for WoW, Dugi Ultimate Guide is particularly easy to use thanks to a well designed interface and layout. Everything is presented in a way that makes it easy to understand. You’ll always know exactly where you need to go, so there’s no downtime figuring out exactly what the guide is supposed to be telling you. You can cursor over most items in the guide to reveal tooltips that provide further detail. Also, the way the guide is laid out means that it’s easy to skip over certain zones or sections if you find that you’re levelling faster than usual; guides that don’t account for this possibility actually end up slowing down your progress in the long run.

The one knock against Dugi Ultimate Guide in comparison to some of the other major guides is the size of the in-game guide window. While the single-step mode is very unobtrusive, the more detailed guide can, depending on your display resolution, take up most of the screen. An option somewhere in the middle – something like the standard guide window in the Zygor Guides WoW levelling guide – would have been really helpful.

Dugi Ultimate Guide does just about everything right, and most importantly, it provides exactly what it sets out to provide, giving you the information you need to get your character to level 85 as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thanks to its syncing features, Dugi Ultimate Guide is just as appropriate for mid and high level characters as it is for new ones. Check out the Duigi’s Ultimate WoW guide.

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