Best Mouse for WOW on a Mac

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Recently I posted about wanting to get a proper gaming mouse to improve my game. In that post I mentioned how the original Apple mouse just doesn’t play well at all and even a standard 2 button mouse while better, doesn’t cut it either because you tend to click all your actions. So does the Razer Naga make you a non clicker?

I said I wanted to get the Razer Naga Molten Special Edition, however that proved to be a little difficult to find since it’s only been out for a short time so I got the latest Razer Naga Standard Edition with 17 buttons, and full remapping and macro-functionality.

I didn’t know anyone with one of these but I have read and seen videos of this mouse and thought it was going to be a great product particularly since it has Mac compatibility.

Razer says it takes about 18 hours of gameplay to get used to the button layout and after playing World of Warcraft for just a few hours, I did start really enjoying the ability to just click the actions with my thumb. It does take a little getting used to but I don’t think it’ll be long before the Razer Naga is essential for my WOW gameplay.

So it does work well on the Mac, and it feels very comfortable in your hand. The Mac drivers don’t yet support full key mapping for applications when your not playing WOW which would be nice but Razer are working on fixing this in a future update.

Razer also provides some nice WOW addon’s which work with the Razer Naga. Basically the addon’ replaces the standard WOW bars or in my case Bartender which isn’t compatible so if you use Bartender to manage your bars etc you’ll need to disable it before using the Razer WOW addon’s. I have to say though, that the Razer Naga worked fine with Bartender prior to installing the Razer Naga specific Addon’s.

The Mac Razer Naga settings screen on the Mac doesn’t quite look the same as the Windows themed version. Actually it doesn’t look anything like it but it’s not a big deal since your only there when your making adjustments to your Naga settings anyway.

Overall the Razer Naga really does seem like a good quality product.  I’ve seem some people say they are over rated but so far from my experience, I’d give the Razer Naga a big thumbs up.

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