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Hey. My name is Rob and I started this site with the idea that I might be able to help new players to WOW (World of Warcraft).  A lot has changed and WOW has lost it’s appeal and these days I love to spend time flight simming and playing other simulation games.

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  1. hey i have been messaging you on youtube about doing a shared flight in the a320,message me at gizmo3311@gmail.com if you want to setup a time for you to record a flight or just try a test flight,in the airbus config all you have to do is put my ip in and open your firewall on tcp and udf on port 6881 and its suppose to work.however. the person flying can’t hand the controls to the first officer, but the first officer can push every button accept throttles and yoke. if you are interested we can chat on skype and work something out. Brett

  2. Hi Rob,

    I saw your YouTube about the Turbine Duke. I fly the Duke for some time now in P3Dv3 and I have one burning question. My PC’s display unit is a 32″ HD TV and when I visually lean back (startup cockpit VC view), the picture is a bit blurred. Not what I call ‘sharp’. When I zoom in it is, but not in the overview mode. Someone told me that when you expand HD on a tv there might now be enough pixels. In other words: they are stretched and that makes them not so crispy sharp as they should. THEN… I saw your video on YouTube on my flightsim PC with the same TV and that was crystal sharp. Couldn’t be better. So I started to wonder…. what gear do you use (UHD or so)?

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